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Annual Planning Playbook

Value creation is at the top of your mind, and what that looks like is unique to your organization. A clear Annual Planning process creates alignment and focus across leadership and throughout the organization. SBI is your trusted partner in annual revenue planning with:

  • A five-step planning process
  • A framework of execution
  • Experienced advisors to guide your team
  • A guarantee for unforgettable growth


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Annual Growth Planning Best Practice Sequence

Now is the time to determine if you need to adjust any go-to-market levers to execute your growth strategy. SBI has identified 5 steps that executive leadership should take for Annual Planning.

Establish a Fact Base

With a robust executive leadership team, there will be differing opinions about current and future state. Creating alignment around the same set of facts establishes a foundation for thoughtful, strategic decision making. 


Inventory and Place Your Bets

The Annual Planning process brings with it an outpouring of ideas. Gathering all potential growth levers and then measuring against time to realization, level of impact, and impact to revenue will provide clarity and confidence in the annual plan.  


Build the Annual Revenue Plan

The annual revenue plan identifies how the selected bets will impact financial targets across five levers of revenue growth.  Using bottoms-up capacity modeling as the foundation helps go-to-market teams understand  how bets will impact the different levers of revenue growth and where dollars and resources should be allocated.


Execute & Rollout the Revenue Plan

After establishing the revenue plan, use a detailed execution cadence to align the GTM teams to drive desired results. Map out the details of each strategic objective ranging from a long-term to short-term view, and create a 3- to 5-year vision that can be allocated by function and by year, quarter, and week. This enables you to be focused and responsive so you can reassess the actions that help achieve each objective.


‘Agility’ is not a Growth Strategy

Whether you just need reference materials or an advisor to bounce ideas off of, or you need a team to facilitate an annual planning workshop giving your team the space to voice their opinions—SBI Growth Advisory has what you need to generate unforgettable growth.

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