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This is our CEO Exclusive on Risk/Reward

What does it take to minimize distraction and to grow in 2022?

Record growth rates and valuations pose a double-edged sword to CEOs at private companies. Growth targets are intimidating, and the runway is shorter to achieve them. This compilation of research and articles explain what the most successful go-to market organizations think and do differently when it comes to talent, sales enablement, online channels, new products vs. long time sellers, and more.

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Learn from our six winning how-to themes, derived from research with 100 CEOs and growth go-to-market leaders.

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"Accelerating organic growth is a top priority. SBI has a highly relevant tool kit to help companies, because everyone is struggling with that."

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SBI is the Go-to-Market Growth Advisory for innovative companies who want more. Driven by insights and delivered from experience, SBI helps clients grow their revenue, margin, and enterprise value in ways never before possible.


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Since our founding, SBI has been unwavering in our purpose to drive people to reach their full potential. Our values, vision, and purpose are at the core of who we are and what we do.


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