The SBI Growth Accelerator™ Subscription

The only go-to-market strategy subscription service.


GA Hero

Built by growth executives, for growth executives.

Staffed by expert cross-functional operators driving growth

Proven and sustained track record of delivering growth strategies that work

Breadth of expertise with support networks to leverage for fast answers

Dedicated partner model with advisors aligned to your business

Exclusive peer to peer networking for CROs

Extensive database of operational growth and productivity benchmarks

Learn more about Growth Accelerator™ in this conversation with Managing Director Nick Toman and SBI CEO  Matt Sharrers


Add an experienced Go-To-Market professional to your team

Business growth and go-to-market success aren’t one-time events. And they can’t be achieved with one-size-fits-all data and strategies delivered from a rotating cast of advisors who know very little about your business. 

You need data, tools and insights that are tailored to your organization’s unique challenges and opportunities. You need guidance from an experienced advisor who has a deep understanding of your business that has been in your position.

Your advisor works with you to identify the opportunities to pull the right levers to help you get to unforgettable growth.

End to End Support for your Growth Journey


Findings from Market Listening Project-Based Consulting Traditional Research Firms SBI Growth Accelerator™
Experienced strategists and operators  
Deep B2B experience; cascading strategy into execution
Mastery of cross-function interlock  
Episodic rather than ad hoc interactions
Help develop and guide evidence & data-driven solution approaches
Affordable on an ongoing basis  

Collaboration with your team

The key differentiator to SBI’s Growth Accelerator versus other subscription services, is your unmetered access to an expert advisor. Pulling forward the most relevant data, insights, and methodologies for your organization, your growth advisor:

  • Delivers "in the flow" executive decision support and counsel, minimizing distractions and unnecessary steps
  • Channels the very best of SBI's data, expertise, and intellectual property to help you make progress quickly
  • Guides your team to best practice approaches for your pressing initiatives
  • Tailors support to you and your key leaders, avoiding transactional service, prioritizing client confidence and trust
  • Supports planning for compulsory events (QBR, BoD Meetings, Sales Meetings)
  • Advises on all aspects of GTM including technology, people, and processes
  • Connect you to our Peer to Peer concierge network

Support across the breadth of Go-to-Market strategy & execution

What you get with a SBI Growth Accelerator subscription
  • Full access to the SBI Pro digital platform
  • A dedicated and experienced Growth Advisor
  • Access to SBI’s content, tools and frameworks
  • Assessments, Surveys and Peer Benchmarking
  • RevTech Analysis, Planning and Decision Frameworks
  • Exclusive Executive Roundtables and Events


SBI delivers a breadth of value. While research alone is great, what organizations really need is someone who can help advise about which dials to turn to drive business.

— Margaret Wise, Former Chief Growth Officer, ClickDimensions

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