CEO Value Creation Pulse: Q1 2024

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Confident in the Direction, Hesitant on the Execution


CEOs have much to look forward to in 2024. Healthy forward-looking indicators and rebounding demand sentiment present leaders with a golden opportunity to accelerate growth confidently. While the strategy is clear, CEOs are less confident in their talent to execute it. Few CEOs believe they have the right people in charge, and time to productivity is slowing, ensuring that even hopeful CEOs remain focused on building up their path to commercial success in 2024.

In SBI’s latest CEO Value Creation Pulse, we uncover:

  • Where CEOs are investing to capture higher growth acceleration
  • What concerns do CEOs have for their GTM leadership teams
  • How do leaders go forward to achieve commercial success in 2024

Read the report to learn how CEOs and other C-level executives are planning for value creation and about the go-to-market strategies and tactics that will get them there.


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