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Hiab’s Sales Team Improves 10% to Realize 2027 Targets

“When we look at revenue, the impact could be anywhere between 10 and 20 million. And it could even be exponentially higher than that as we continue to grow.”

Hiab is a leading provider of smart and sustainable load-handling solutions, committed to delivering the best customer experience with the most engaged people and partners. As the industry pioneer, Hiab makes load handling smarter, safer, and more sustainable to build a better tomorrow.


Hiab USA, a company poised for substantial growth, recognized the need to bridge skill gaps in their sales team to achieve their ambitious goals up to 2027. Their primary focus was honing call objectives and prospecting to attract new customers.

The goal for Hiab was for each team member to get 10% better, collectively contributing to a greater improvement of the entire organization through incremental growth. This improvement will result in a revenue increase of between 10 and 20 million dollars. 

Our Response

They chose the Sales Readiness Group to help them fill the gaps because of our tailored approach. Our in-depth research allowed our sales training facilitator to use the same language that was already used within the company, creating a sense of trust and understanding about what the company is going through on a daily basis.

The most essential part of our program was role-playing. This activity simulated real-life meetings and allowed the Hiab team to improve in a controlled environment.


The Hiab team can now focus on effective call planning with their newly acquired knowledge. They know the objectives with which they enter meetings and can map out the calls to reach them consistently.

As the company grows further and the team improves, the scale of improvement can be exponentially higher than the initially anticipated 10%, leading to a multi-million dollar increase in revenue.

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