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Jul 17-Aug 4, 2023

Managing Sales Performance™

A 3-week digital learning journey for your frontline sales managers.

When it comes to driving results, your frontline sales managers are the most important people in your organization. Better sales managers drive better sales results. But do your sales managers have the essential skills and practical tools to manage a high-performing sales team?

Managing Sales Performance is an intensive sales management skills development program that will provide your managers with the proven skills, knowledge, and tools they need to drive bottom-line performance.

Sales Managers Learn How To:

  • Implement a behavior-based sales performance system
  • Establish clear performance expectations
  • Determine causes of performance gaps
  • Take appropriate management actions to drive better performance
  • Prioritize their time

Training Reimagined

Managing Sales Performance is an enhanced, digitally-enabled development experience that uniquely combines digital learning with human engagement. Accessible through any device, anytime, this innovative program allows your managers to develop essential skills through micro-learning videos, highly engaging exercises and missions, and real-world skills application.

This integrated development experience begins with a live, online program kick-off and continues with participants developing advanced performance management skills in a highly engaging digital learning platform. Each week, learners then participate in live online coaching sessions with an experienced facilitator.

Weekly 1-Hour Coaching Sessions

Every Thursday at 10 am PT (1 pm ET)

July 20: Program kick-off
July 27: Coaching session #1
Aug 3: Coaching session #2

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this workshop right for me?

Managing Sales Performance will benefit both experienced and newly promoted sales managers.

What's the time commitment?

This program is divided into a program kickoff followed by two weekly 1-hour reinforcement sessions with peers and roughly 3-4 hours of self-paced work.

How long do I have access to the workshop materials?

You'll have access to the materials for up to 30 days following the completion of the learning journey.


Sales ends on July 13, 2023