Commercial Leaders Roundtable

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Find out how your peers are navigating the war on talent.


The Commercial Leaders Roundtable is an invitation-only event where SBI will share brand new research on how winning companies achieve higher growth in less time. SBI will facilitate networking and best-practice sharing among a group of seasoned commercial leaders, and discuss how to best navigate the war on talent.  

As part of our agenda, we will explore four risks that growth leaders face as they look to 2022:

  1. Too much agility: High-growth companies’ 2022 plans show conviction. While the pandemic forced many companies to cut costs and carefully prioritize growth bets, the best companies are extending this approach to their 2022 plans, ruthlessly prioritizing and sticking with a narrow set of high-demand products and markets.
  2. Unrealistic assumptions around talent acquisition: Companies are adding headcount but struggling to fill open roles; more specifically, we see 31% of sales capacity that’s either open headcount or in year 1 on the job. With growth hires representing critical enablers of many companies’ growth plans, companies need to outsmart the war for talent instead of fighting for the limited talent available.
  3. Disproportionate budget allocation to ‘feet on the street’: Commercial leaders are increasing sales and marketing investment more than any other functional area in 2022, and most GTM leaders are funneling a significant portion of that investment to quota-carrying reps. But with wage inflation and 67% of sales leaders who believe it’s more difficult – or much more difficult – to hire new talent today, leaders need to look at ways to shift capacity and boost productivity.
  4. CX initiatives stuck in first gear: Most commercial leaders claim that CX is important – and they’ve often documented a strategy or aligned on goals with their leadership teams. When it comes to execution, however, high-growth companies are three times more likely than typical performers to have a significant CX initiative planned for 2022. And when exploring companies’ progress executing CX initiatives, the average-growth companies have a long way to go.

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Martha Mathers

Head of Research