SBI Growth Diligence

Not all Due Diligence is created equal. Find out how SBI Growth Diligence puts you ahead.

growth diligence

Growth is what we do

We eat, sleep, and breathe growth. Our 100+ advisors have evaluated many diverse and complex businesses, resulting in valuable pattern recognition and the ability to validate a growth thesis quickly.

SBI focuses on your specific value creation thesis

SBI works directly with your deal team to quickly anchor to 4 potential value creation growth levers. Using the below, SBI will work with your deal team to select specific questions to answer in diligence:

  • Creating GTM Operating Leverage
    Current GTM spend is in line with best practice, but the asset’s growth is insufficient. What are the primary productivity levers you can pull to create growth quickly?

  • Investing in GTM for growth
    The asset has tremendous future growth potential. Where can you place your investment bets to help generate outsized growth during your sponsorship?

  • Revenue model shift
    The revenue model is in transition, or needs to be changed (most commonly from on prem to SaaS/subscription model). How do we make this GTM transition and ensure we don’t encounter outsized costs and slower growth?

  • Maintaining growth with less GTM spend
    The growth of the asset is acceptable, but the costs are above peers and best practice. How do we remove GTM cost without disrupting the current growth trajectory?

Insight from experience

Don’t waste time on deadweight deals. SBI Growth Advisors are former GTM executive practitioners. We have first-hand experience growing companies and can help you validate or invalidate the things that need to be true for a target asset to hit its growth objectives.

3 Stages of SBI Growth Diligence

  • CIM/CIP Screen 48 hours or less
    While you’re initially exploring an opportunity, SBI can use rapid diagnostics and/or initial benchmarks to screen viability. Potential red flags or GTM deal-breakers will surface, and a set of questions to address with management will be recommended.

  • Go / No Go Diligence 7-10 Days
    SBI Advisors validate the worthiness of a formal offer and identify sub-optimal GTM functions that will require change/investment. Former and current management is interviewed, available data is reviewed, and competitive intel and market feedback is evaluated.

  • Full Growth Diligence 2-4 weeks
    A deep dive into the growth thesis including identification of growth levers, potential upside over time, cost assumptions and risks. These findings function as a preliminary value creation plan. Sequenced revenue growth and risk mitigation strategies are delivered and opportunities are quantified and prioritized.

SBI’s Growth Diligence focuses on certainty with speed

SBI is surgical in our approach to growth diligence. We work across technology, business services, healthcare, industrials and more to help our private equity partners make sound investments. We’ve evaluated countless deals and have the right expertise to return deep, useful growth insights before you make a move.

Uncover whether the target is what it appears to be with SBI's Growth Diligence.