Due Diligence

Strategic approach to investment decisions. SBI is surgical in our approach to due diligence with first-hand experience in helping companies grow. As your strategic partner, we can help you validate the things that need to be true for a target asset to hit its growth objective.

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Gain Conviction Around Growth Thesis

What productivity levers can we pull for quick growth?

Where do we place our investment bets to drive future growth?

How do we reduce GTM costs without disrupting the growth trajectory?

How do we improve the alignment of our executive team?

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3 Offerings to Support Throughout the Buy-side Lifecycle

SBI works with private equity firms to quickly assess their situation and create a comprehensive action plan aimed at driving growth.

CIM/CIP Screen

48 hours or less

While you’re initially exploring an opportunity, SBI can use rapid diagnostics and/or initial benchmarks to screen viability. Potential red flags or GTM deal-breakers will surface, and a set of questions to address with management will be recommended.

Go/No Go Diligence

1-2 Weeks

SBI Advisors validate the worthiness of a formal offer and identify sub-optimal GTM functions that will require change/investment. Former and current management is interviewed, available data is reviewed, and competitive intel and market feedback is evaluated.

Full Growth Diligence

2-4 weeks

A deep dive into the growth thesis including identification of growth levers, potential upside over time, cost assumptions and risks. These findings function as a preliminary value creation plan. Sequenced revenue growth and risk mitigation strategies are delivered and opportunities are quantified and prioritized.

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The company needed to improve the sales of their full suite of solutions, but they faced poor alignment and pipeline management.

Estimated revenue uplift

Blackbaud saw flat bookings growth and consistently missed targets for three years; the problem was in the sales process.

Estimated revenue uplift