GTM Strategy Consulting

Created from your growth strategy, our GTM experts develop an analytically-driven and highly tailored commercial value creation plan your team can act on.​

GTM strategy consulting

Why It's Your Best

Not just theory – proven practice

Our team is composed of experienced GTM practitioners with hands-on experience in your industry. We work with you to design an ongoing and sustainable growth program based on your strategy.

Outside perspective

The value creation plans we produce are backed by our market research on current GTM issues and emerging trends. We survey top GTM executives each quarter to gauge market trends and provide you with actionable insights.

Commercial excellence

At the center of growth is talent, and the right GTM talent can make an impact on bookings and revenue faster than any other lever you can pull. From sourcing, onboarding, coaching and training, and offboarding, we partner with you to improve productivity and create a commercial engine to drive growth.

Comprehensive resources for every project

The team

You have access to SBI’s senior strategy consultants supported by our meticulous GTM experts.

Engagement model

Our consultants and experts work alongside your team to develop a tailored Revenue Generation Plan with unique commercial initiatives.

Market-leading research and insights

You have access to an extensive catalog of articles, insights, tools, and research curated by our GTM experts.

Peer-to-peer networking

Tap into SBI's unmatched network of revenue leaders – it’s one of the largest GTM talent pools you can find.

Start your value creation journey

The Clients' POV

We're guided by real-world industry experience and ready to work as an extension of your team, side-by-side.


Our sales and marketing teams were not generating the lead volume to drive growth. SBI developed a more methodical approach to customer segmentation, coverage model, and GTM execution and activation.
Chief Commercial Officer
PE-backed business services company


Extensive M&A activity created a disjointed GTM model with inefficient resource utilization and executive-level turnover. SBI made critical changes to our GTM model that created alignment and focus on a singular goal.
Operations Director
Private Equity Firm

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Teradata needed to expedite the rollout of their new GTM (Go-to-Market) model globally, but poor coordination poses new challenges.

Estimated revenue uplift

McAfee needed to improve operating margins, but encountered ballooning costs within their GTM (Go-to-Market) functions.

Estimated revenue uplift

The four ways we help you grow

SBI provides a range of services to enable your organization to create value, go to market with confidence and drive growth.


    You need external support to execute

    Our consultants have been in your seat. They apply their deep expertise to help your organization outpace the market by implementing industry best practices and operational efficiencies.

    Learn more about Consultancy

    You need tools to internally manage

    Our playbooks, templates, research, and dedicated advisor give you a third-party perspective that support your value creation plans.

    Learn more about Advisory

    You need to implement and adapt a new sales model

    Our talent productivity group are experts in sales and sales manager training to increase commercial productivity.

    Learn more about Training Services
  • Revenue Operations

    You need tools, tactics, and strategies to drive revenue

    Our Rev-Ops-as-a-Service delivers on-demand resources that align your digital capabilities with your growth objectives.

    Learn more about Revenue Operations

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