Elevate your customer success journey. We craft personalized strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Our commitment: to help ensure your customers remain at the heart of your business, driving sustainable growth and lasting relationships.

customer success strategy consulting

Embracing Growth
Through Challenges

How do I slow or reduce the increasing churn?

How do I achieve the ARR that the Board expects?

What will it take to boost our NPS?

Why doesn't the company understand the importance of investing in CX?

Driving Customer Satisfaction, Trust, and Loyalty

Customer Satisfaction Services

By exploring the entirety of the customer journey, we bring together a customer success strategy that’s practical, responsive and sustainable.

Customer Success Strategy

Customer Success Organization Design

Customer Onboarding


Customer Advocacy

Enablement & Training

Customer Success Operations

Are you ready to start your value creation journey? We will guide you.

A practitioner's POV

We are guided by experience and ready to work as an extension of your team in a side-by-side approach.

Adam Sheehan

I've been on the other side of the table, and always viewed bringing in a consulting firm as a strategic move. Being at SBI, I see with absolute certainty the value of having an outside perspective on best practices, data analysis, and industry trends for a improved customer loyalty.
Adam Sheehan,
SBI Pro Growth Advisor

Andrew Urteaga

The wealth of knowledge a consulting firm brings can inject new energy into existing processes to drive improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sustainable growth.
Andrew Urteaga,
SBI Senior Partner and Head of Client Advocacy

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After rapid acquisitions, symplr’s sellers struggled to perform consistently in selling across the company’s wide portfolio.

Estimated revenue uplift

McAfee needed to improve operating margins, but encountered ballooning costs within their GTM (Go-to-Market) functions.

Estimated revenue uplift