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Selling to Key Executives™

An engaging workshop that equips sales teams to sell to the executive & C-suite level buyer successfully. This advanced sales training will benefit sales professionals, including account executives, account managers, and other sales professionals who engage with senior executives. The program can be delivered on-site, online, or as a blended training program and includes post-training reinforcement and application to ensure skill adoption and lasting behavior change.


Win Bigger Deals Faster

Today it's more complicated than ever to reach leadership. The usual protections provided by gatekeepers are still there—but today’s corporate buyers have even more layers of influencers and other stakeholders in the buying process. Getting access to senior executives, the ones who control budgets or have authority, is critical to closing big deals faster.

To access and achieve successful outcomes when selling at the highest level, sales professionals must be relevant, bring fresh insights, and speak the language of the C-Suite. Selling to Key Executives helps sales professionals change their approach from being product-centric to focusing on strategic issues—and what senior executives care about.

Your Sales Team Will Learn How to:

  • Change their mindset from “vendor” to trusted advisor/strategic partner
  • Gain access to hard-to-reach senior executives
  • Identify problems C-level executives care about
  • Leverage three strategies to gain access
  • Prepare an executive-level sales presentation
  • Create an action plan to apply skills to their own accounts

Busy sales teams benefit from flexible delivery formats

All programs are based on SRG’s proven curriculum and include participant workbooks, fieldwork, sales tools, and planners.

Develop Sustainable C-suite Level Selling Skills

The foundation of this advanced sales training program is to create sustainable changes in sales behaviors. 

The program is not a single event but rather part of an overall sales training system that includes assessment, customization, engaging training, and ongoing reinforcement. At Sales Readiness Group, we deliver training programs that produce real behavior change and improve sales results.

What Our Clients are Saying

Industry Leading Sales Training Company

SRG featured clients range from Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized businesses across all industries. We have numerous client success stories that demonstrate our willingness to understand your business and implement programs that focus on the right skills and behaviors that impact results. SRG has been included in Selling Power’s Magazine's Top Sales Training Companies list for over a decade.

SRG Selling Power - Top Sales Training Companies 2024

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