Our Culture

SBI believes in enabling people to reach their full potential professionally and personally. We are committed to being intentional, purpose-driven, and values-based in who we are, what we do, and how we do it.


Growth is our business. And our vision.

We believe the only way to drive people to reach their full potential is to keep pushing limits.


We have 6 core values that govern how we bring our vision and purpose to life


Create more growth-driven equity value than the top 10 private equity firms combined


Drive people to reach their full potential

Mike Hoffman

Chief Executive Officer

Our values are what makes SBI such a special place. Our clients should see this in the quality of work we deliver and feel it in the way we work with them and each other.

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Our values guide the way we work

SBI has six core values that govern how we bring our vision and purpose to life

Be great

Strive for excellence and continually aspire to a higher standard

Own the outcome

Hold yourself accountable to find the solution for both teammates & clients

Adopt a growth mindset

Acquire new capabilities, embrace new ideas and seek out diverse experiences

Embrace 1:1

Invest in relationships that will endure for decades

Inspire others

Empower those around you and transfer positive energy to clients and peers

Build the firm

Embrace teamwork to build something greater than ourselves

We respect and celebrate our unique strengths

SBI fosters growth by embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion. We appreciate, support and amplify individual strengths to advance better results for our team and clients. Our approach:

Build teams

SBI has the ability to bring diverse roles together to make an amazing team

Cultivate leaders

Having 'been there, done that' ourselves -- both in our past experience and in hundreds of client engagements -- we develop SBIers and clients to be the best leaders they can be

Work with others

Even as a remote-first organization, SBI has an operating rhythm that fosters team work and elevates outcomes for its clients

Our guiding principles extend throughout every aspect of our lives and communities.

Every year, as part of SBI Gives Back, we contribute to more than 50 diverse causes, each of which is personally chosen by an SBI employee.


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