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  • Feb 29

    How to Harness AI in Sales Without Losing the Human Touch

    Ray Makela, Bryan Kurey & Jake Miller

    Commercial Talent

  • Mar 26

    CEO GTM Perspectives on 2024

    Bryan Kurey

    Commercial Strategy

  • Apr 25

    Enhancing Frontline Sales Manager Impact

    Commercial Talent

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Watch on Demand: Unlock the Secrets to Amplifying Seller Productivity: Building Environments for Success

  • Featuring Bryan Kurey & Rick Karlton
  • 30 Jan 24
  • 41 min espisode

Increasingly cautious buyer sentiment in the market has made more typical selling approaches less effective today, leading to dwindling seller productivity. However, SBI research on the most effective selling approach for today’s market has uncovered secrets on how to significantly improve seller productivity. Watch this webinar to learn:

• Detailed findings of our research and its implications
• Strategies to create an environment that boosts seller productivity
• Actionable steps for sales leaders and sales operations and enablement teams


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Watch on Demand: Control Your Own Destiny Through Forecasting and Pipeline Management Programs

  • Featuring Eric Estrella & Tony Erickson
  • 28 Nov 23
  • 38 min espisode

A consistent forecasting and pipeline management process gives executives visibility into forecasting trends that will translate into future bookings and revenue, as well as provides early insights into negative pipeline trends before they impact financial performance. In this webinar, learn how to develop a world-class forecasting and pipeline management program, including:

• Establishing the definitions, routine, metrics, data, and accountability to create trust and confidence in your teams
• How market-leading B2B sales teams regain control of their business outcomes
• The tools and techniques needed when altering the course and re-allocating resources


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Webinar Replay: Unlocking 2024 SKO Impact: Strategies for Year-Round Sales Success

  • Featuring Sam Herring & Ray Makela
  • 1 Nov 23
  • 52 min espisode

Get actionable SKO insights, real-world examples, and a sprinkle of planning tips to set you up for a winning year.

The SKO is our sales Super Bowl — where we align, skill up, and have team fun. But with today's cautious buyers and productivity hurdles, we need more than just pep talks. A bit of thoughtful planning can make all the difference.

In this session, you'll learn:

• Why SKOs are now more crucial than ever.
• What introducing a blended experience can do for your team.
• How to curate the perfect Blended SKO.


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Watch on Demand: Set Up Your Team for Success Through Territory, Comp, and Quota Design

  • Featuring Eric Estrella & Tony Erickson
  • 31 Oct 23
  • 35 min espisode

A well-designed go-to-market strategy still requires effective execution by the sales team, making it critical to set them up for and motivate them toward success. Properly designed territories balance customer requirements, company revenue expectations and sales rep capacity to achieve sales targets and grow revenue. Learn how to segment and assign territories strategically, design compensation plans that incentivize your sales force correctly, and set quotas that motivate and challenge your team.


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