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  • Jun 27

    5 Things to Know So You Don't Get Planning Wrong

    Tony Erickson, Eric Estrella & Alicia Lee

    Commercial Strategy

  • Aug 29

    Annual Planning - Organization and Coverage

    Tony Erickson & Eric Estrella

    Annual Planning

  • Sep 24

    Identify and Get the Most Out of Your Top Performers

    Nick Toman & Ray Makela

    Commercial Talent

  • Oct 31

    Annual Planning - Territory, Comp, Quota

    Tony Erickson & Eric Estrella

    Annual Planning

  • Nov 21

    Sales Kickoff (SKO)

    Tony Erickson & Eric Estrella


Embark on previous webinars

Watch on Demand: Reviving Commercial Productivity Requires Easing Buying Friction

  • Featuring Nick Toman & Craig Riley
  • 28 May 24
  • 58 min episode

Nick Toman, author of Challenger Customer and SBI's Chief Product and Strategy Officer, is joined by Gartner's former Chief of Research for Sales and Customer Service, Craig Riley, to discuss implications to sellers, sales managers, and GTM executives based on SBI's latest research into today's B2B buying landscape.

Higher consensus requirements and stricter approval processes contribute to CEOs identifying buying factors as the primary threat to commercial productivity in 2024.  Unfortunately, many commercial teams are not aligned with buyer’s needs, resulting in extended cycle times, reduced forecast accuracy, and increased rates of lost deals.

Join us to learn more about:

• How the buying journey and consensus requirements have changed
• Why these new buying realities have introduced and amplified friction extending cycle times
• How commercial strategies must evolve to meet buyers’ needs and improve commercial productivity


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Watch on Demand: Enhancing Frontline Sales Manager Impact

  • Featuring Rick Karlton & Bryan Kurey
  • 25 Apr 24
  • 58 min episode

Frontline sales managers (FLSMs) play a critical role in impacting seller performance and commercial outcomes at scale. And yet this vital community of next generation senior leaders often gets overlooked when it comes to coaching and development.

Join the SBI team as we discuss our latest research that helps to answer:

• Where FLSMs are most commonly misallocating time and focus in today’s selling climate
• What behaviors define high impact FLSMs compared to peers
• How organizations can develop and enable FLSMs effectively at scale

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Watch on Demand: CEO GTM Perspectives on 2024

  • Featuring Bryan Kurey & Tony Erickson
  • 26 Mar 24
  • 61 min episode

CEOs are entering 2024 with a sense of cautious optimism, hopeful that the growth strategies they had to put on hold in 2023’s slower market can yield results as the year turns. In this webinar we will provide a lens into the early thinking from our surveying and conversations with CEOs about their plans for 2024, how things are going so far, and what is in store for the year.

Join us to learn more about their perspectives on:

• Growth trends and growth strategies for 2024
• Go-to-market talent and leadership performance
• The biggest growth risk factors for the year

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Watch on Demand: How to Harness AI in Sales Without Losing the Human Touch

  • Featuring Ray Makela, Bryan Kurey & Jake Miller
  • 29 Feb 24
  • 56 min episode

Companies are in growth mode, and AI has surfaced as a critical technology to help sales teams drive new business and increase revenue. The challenge is understanding how to implement AI effectively to help sellers improve sales performance and enhance customer relationships without losing the human touch.

This webinar will put you on the right track. You will learn how AI can help you:

• Help sellers use AI to be more effective versus just becoming more efficient
• Identify coachable moments that lead to higher-impact conversations
• Capture best practices from your top sellers
• Create role-play exercises that provide sellers with real-time actionable feedback to create behavior change

Whether you’re a sales leader already using AI or simply looking to learn more, join us to learn valuable insights to build confidence and clarity when implementing AI within your sales organization.


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