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Sales Management Training Success Story

"SRG was the perfect balance to us on the richness of content, accessibility, cost, and the flexibility of what we needed based on the environment for our business."

Avvo, recognizing the need to enhance its sales management team's capabilities, turned to the Sales Readiness Group for a comprehensive training program. With most managers coming from sales representative roles, Avvo aimed to provide them with a structured framework, tools, and foundations to effectively lead and develop their teams.

The courses provided by SRG empowered Avvo’s managers to adopt a more active leadership style, shifting from task-oriented management to prioritizing their time and developing their teams. The frameworks introduced by SRG were easily grasped and implemented in day-to-day operations, and the personalized approach ensured that the training content was tailored to Avvo's specific needs.

The results were remarkable for Avvo. Productivity per account executive increased by nearly 20% annually while ramping and attrition challenges were effectively addressed. Avvo's managers became proficient at identifying needs early in the ramping process, enabling new team members to get up to speed quickly with actionable insights and frameworks.

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