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SBI is the only go-to-market advisory that guarantees your organization’s growth.

Since 2006, we’ve used proven methodologies to enable hundreds of enterprises to achieve record-breaking increases in sales, profits, and valuations. And we’re here to do the same for you.

Our four core

We map our services to the exact position your organization is starting from. Some SBI clients want our advice only. Others require a more engaged approach. And others want practical, hands-on guidance on how to achieve growth.

Strategy Consulting

Not just theory – proven practice. Our GTM experts architect value creation plans focused on your unique business needs, and anchored by their own real-world experience within your industry.

Advisory Services

We’re coaches, but we’re also team players. Our advisors work alongside your team to learn from them, but also to provide our own insights, tools and rigorous methodologies to drive growth.

Sales Training

Our talent productivity group can help roll out the updated operating rhythm.

Revenue Operations

Proven processes, proven results. Powered by a technology-agnostic platform, our RevOps-as-a-Service creates growth through the alignment of sales, marketing and customer success operations.

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Revenue Growth Plan

We determine how your organization is creating value currently using our four-quadrant Value Creation Compass. Here, we answer two core questions: ‘What are the growth expectations?’ and ‘What is the level of investment?’

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Analyze GTM Acumen

We qualitatively analyze the existing Go-To-Market strategy and execution based on internal interviews, customer input, and market research. Based on findings, we develop a gap analysis vs. industry best practices and benchmarks.

analyze gtm acumen

Prioritize Opportunities

Building upon our fact-base, we identify practical routes to value creation based on time to realization and level of effort for each opportunity. We build execution plans and tools that consider cross-functional alignment.

Prioritize opportunities

Value Creation Planning

Collaboratively, we develop a business case for each GTM priority with estimated bookings or revenue uplift. We define activities, owners, dependencies, timelines, and KPIs for each initiative while identifying risks and developing mitigation plans.

value creation planning

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