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Events Delivered from Experience

At SBI, we believe in delivering more than just Events; we offer an unparalleled experience to help you achieve your growth goals. 

  • Webinars 
    Each session will lead you through a proven framework, fostering alignment, focus, and heightened commercial productivity for 2024.  
  • Growth Forum
    These invitation-only peer groups explore emerging best practices and guide our latest Go-To-Market research. Attendees of these small group, roundtable-style meetings receive:
    >Early access to SBI Research & Insights
    >Inside view from other role-specific growth forums
    >Access to SBI's network of executives from public and private-equity-backed companies across industries for whether you are seeking your next opportunity or looking for top talent to join your team.
  • Podcasts
    Discover how leading growth executives achieved remarkable results by learning from real-world success stories. Join Mike Hoffman and Scott Gruher in SBI's podcast as they share valuable insights from past client engagements, exclusive proprietary research, and key takeaways from conversations with top CEOs and GTM leaders.