Building, Retaining, and Developing a Modern Salesforce

15 May 21

Roquita Williams, Head of Sales Effectiveness and DEI Partnerships at Habits at Work, shares what it means to lead a sales team today and how to foster an inclusive sales culture.

To say your salesforce is changing is an understatement. Not only have there been shifts in adapting to a new virtual world, but your teams also need the time and attention dedicated to reaching their full potential now more than ever before. As a sales leader, how can you create a culture for your teams to thrive?

On today’s show, Roquita Williams, Head of Sales Effectiveness and DEI Partnerships at Habits at Work, joins us to discuss the modern salesforce. Roquita shares impactful insights into what it means to be a sales leader in today’s world and how to create an inclusive and empathetic culture.

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The Secret to Unlocking Customer Value

  1. The skills of a modern workforce and intersecting with inclusion. minute 1:40
  2. Empathy as an imperative selling skill. minute 4:06
  3. Habits to build a great sales culture especially when it comes to DEI? minute 8:12
  4. What does the modern workforce look like? minute 14:03

“When you think about what does a modern workforce want from their organization, what they want is to be invested in. They want to be heard. And they want to know that this experience is going to transform them. Employees, in fact, want the exact same thing as our customers want. They want this experience to transform them. And so I think that as we get alignment with all of this, we're going to see sales organizations change in a significant way.”


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