Episode 2: Delivering Sales Velocity

Top sellers are outperforming others by 2-3X. The best ones are leveraging effective sales approaches and generative AI.

Understanding the types of seller behaviors that have been most successful in today’s slow-moving market could help CEOs create value by improving the commercial productivity of their GTM teams.

In this episode, Chief Strategy and Product Officer at SBI, Nick Toman, and SBI General Manager of Talent Productivity, Ray Makela, discuss how top CEOs are adopting effective seller approaches and generative AI to push the sales margin. 

Key Talking Points:

  • The winning seller profiles that drive increased commercial productivity 
  • Findings from SBI’s latest report on seller approaches and sales velocity 
  • How generative AI can support sellers in understanding customer needs  


EP 2 - Nick Toman

Nick Toman

Chief Strategy and Product Officer at SBI

EP 2 -  Ray Makela

Ray Makela

Sales Readiness Group Founder
SBI General Manager of Talent Productivity