Episode 12: Marketing as a Key Revenue Driver


Despite record-setting investments, marketing leaders have historically struggled with showing results. The divide between sales is clear: marketing needs to demonstrate how they contribute to the company’s revenue. Make ROI the primary objective, and create the dependencies necessary to drive effective growth.

Listen in the conversation in this episode with host Mike Hoffman, SBI CEO, and Jeff Pedowitz, President and CEO of The Pedowitz Group, as they discuss the role of marketing in a B2B environment and explore how marketing leaders can reinforce their position as a key revenue driver.

Key talking points:

  • Marketing as a cost-center vs. revenue generator

  • Key dependencies to effective marketing

  • How to design a holistic campaign model with sales functions


  • EP 4 - Mike

    Mike Hoffman

    Chief Executive Officer, SBI


  • EP 12 - Jeff Pedowitz

    Jeff Pedowitz

    President and CEO, The Pedowitz Group