Episode 10: Talent at the Center of Growth - Part #1


The playmakers and managers that worked well for you in the past may now be slowing you down. But it goes beyond tech augmentations and enablement, it is the fundamental hiring framework that is flawed. Cut through the noise and focus on what your customers want from your sellers to drive win rates and loyalty.

Join the conversation in this episode with host Mike Hoffman, SBI CEO, and Nick Toman, SBI Chief Strategy and Product Officer, as they explore the evolving requirements of sales functions and how outdated talent frameworks could be slowing companies down.

Key talking points:

  • The critical role of talent in driving growth and value creation

  • How the sales role has evolved from the Great Depression

  • What to look for in new talent, and who to potentially let go


  • EP 4 - Mike

    Mike Hoffman

    Chief Executive Officer, SBI


  • EP 2 - Nick Toman

    Nick Toman

    Chief Strategy and Product Officer, SBI