Episode 7: The Talk on Top-Line Growth


At the surface level, it seems obvious that top-line growth plays a big role in creating value for a company—but different conditions and factors may affect how much top-line growth affects value creation, and the strategies that can effectively generate that growth may also differ.

In this episode, SBI CEO, Mike Hoffman hosts Jake Silverman, CEO of Kroll and a Board Member at SBI, as the two discuss the role of top-line growth in value creation and contemporary topics on the minds of CEOs, including cybersecurity.

Key talking points:

  • Factors affecting the value created by top-line growth in different contexts

  • The value of skeptical opinions to keeping CEOs in check on key decisions

  • Key themes for CEOs to consider in planning their 2024 growth strategy


  • EP 4 - Mike

    Mike Hoffman

    Chief Executive Officer, SBI


  • Jacob Silverman_Headshot

    Jake Silverman

    Chief Executive Officer, Kroll & SBI Board Member