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High-Impact Sales Coaching™

Equip your sales managers with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to maximize their teams' sales performance. Managers learn how to develop a collaborative coaching culture, create customized coaching plans, follow a five-step coaching process, and appropriately allocate coaching time.

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The best players don't always make the best coaches.

That's true in professional sports, and it is also true in sales when most sales managers are promoted from the field.

Research from SRG and Selling Power Magazine shows that 73% of sales managers don't get the training they need to coach a high-performing sales team. So, even though they may have been great sales reps, they never learned how to coach.

High-Impact Sales Coaching is a highly interactive program that incorporates scenario-based learning, exercises, and role-plays. The program will benefit both experienced and newly promoted sales managers.


Your Sales Managers will learn how to:

Busy sales teams benefit from flexible delivery formats

All programs are based on SRG’s proven curriculum and include participant workbooks, fieldwork, sales tools, and planners.

Powerful Sales Coaching Tools

Provide sales managers with a powerful set of sales coaching tools and job aids to drive better sales team performance

The Sales Coaching Toolkit helps managers:

  • Consistently coach, develop manage their sales reps
  • Quickly assess your sales team on 24 key selling behaviors
  • Create customized sales coaching plans
  • Improve compliance and quality of coaching

Now Available for

The Sales Coaching Toolkit is now available as a App, providing its functionality as a seamlessly integrated suite of tools within users also get enhanced reporting functionality and dashboards to improve their sales coaching's compliance and quality.

Content is customized, so the training is highly relevant for real-work challenges

"What really stood out is that they were able to speak our lingo and understand our business before we even signed a contract.” — Audi Cathcart, Lingraphica

Unlike disappointing off-the-shelf or "canned" trainings, we tailor the curriculum to your business needs and your unique sales culture to provide the best sales training for your organization.

Get personalized case studies, relevant examples, and role-playing exercises to better prepare your team for real-world business challenges.

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Easy-to-use skill models make new skills effortless to apply and adopt in the field

“I learned things I can actually use in my daily sales work.” — Wencor Group

High-Impact Sales Coaching is skills-based, not theoretical, so your sales managers get practical tools they can apply immediately. We tailor the curriculum to your business needs with personalized case studies, relevant examples, and role-playing exercises to better prepare your team for real-world business challenges. The best part is that this program can support your team no matter what sales process or methodology you use.

New skills turn into lasting habits because reinforcement is built-in

Effective training is a process, not a one-time event. Our sales coaching training program includes post-training reinforcement sessions, job aids, and tools to ensure real-world skills application and adoption. 

Instead of getting info that's forgotten after a few weeks, our sales coaching training program helps you create lasting behavioral change that measurably improves sales team performance.


The results are in.

"The best training I've attended in 20 years of sales.”

Not only is this training effective, it's also engaging. Your sales managers will go into the field feeling energized, excited, and inspired.

See why participants consistently give this program 5 stars.
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The training works too

After working with SRG...

Trusted by Over 100 Companies Worldwide


If you have a large sales organization, an internal training department, or are rapidly growing, the High-Impact Sales Coaching program can be licensed and delivered using your own facilitators. Under our flexible, cost-effective license terms, you can customize, repurpose, and deliver the curriculum whenever and as often as you like. Sales Readiness Group also supports your internal trainers with a Train-the-Trainer certification program on how to deliver this sales coaching training, including how to facilitate the program virtually.


Leading sales organizations across industries trust us to train their sales managers because they know...

Sales Readiness Group (SRG) is an industry-leading sales training company. We help improve the performance of sales teams by providing customized, skills-based training programs that produce sustainable behavior change. That’s why Selling Power Magazine has ranked us in their Top Sales Training Companies list for over a decade.

SRG Selling Power - Top Sales Training Companies 2024

"This program helped me turn a corner on my coaching. Our sales are up and my whole team is making quota!”

- Sales Manager, METAGENICS

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