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Sales Training Success Story

"They're not just subject matter experts, but they're true learning and development professionals. So they really know how to engage the learner so that it results in a changed behavior."

Over the past two years, ABM has demonstrated a strong commitment to investing in its sales organization, recognizing the need for foundational skills and a standardized language across all verticals. To address this, they partnered with the Sales Readiness Group and implemented a coaching program for their leaders, aiming to ensure success through proper guidance.

ABM's decision to select the Sales Readiness Group as its partner was driven by SRG's exceptional framework for foundational sales coaching skills, which perfectly aligned with ABM's requirements. SRG's flexibility in offering virtual training allowed ABM's sales leaders to remain highly productive while benefiting from comprehensive sales training.

ABM found the implementation process with SRG efficient and straightforward, utilizing the existing structure provided by SRG without needing extensive warm-up or customization. Integrating SRG's program into ABM's coaching tool in Salesforce further enhanced the value of the partnership.

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