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"What really stood out is that they were able to speak our lingo and understand our business before we even signed a contract."

Audi Cathcart

Director of Outside Sales

What goal did you have in mind that led you to seek outside help?

Our sales team largely consists of speech-language pathologists who provide great clinical support and assistance to our clients. We realized, however, that we could enhance how we serve our clients through better consultative selling skills that resulted in our clients making better, more informed decisions.

As part of our strategic direction, we decided that we would highly benefit by engaging with an experienced training partner who could help us develop and implement a skills-based program that was customized to our industry and culture.

Why did you choose SRG vs. other options?

Given the specific nature of our business, we needed a program that we could tailor to meet our needs. After significant research looking at sales training options, we selected SRG because of the consultative approach they took in addressing our situation.

What really stood out is that they were able to speak our lingo and understand our business before we even signed a contract. It was apparent that SRG had done its homework by researching our business and offerings. They also asked insightful questions that helped us clarify our training goals. This was in sharp contrast to numerous other options we evaluated that were far more generic in nature.

We were also impressed with the comprehensive nature of the training in that it included pre-training consultation, customization, onsite delivery, and live online reinforcement.

What’s it like to work with SRG?

Our experience with SRG was excellent. They took the time to learn about our business and tailor the training to align with our priorities and incorporate real-world skills application. Our people left the training enthusiastic about their experience and excited to apply the skills they had learned from SRG.

About Lingraphica

Lingraphica provides speech, communication, and AAC devices to help individuals with language and cognitive disorders connect with family, friends, and communities. They work in partnership with speech-language pathologists and caregivers to support individuals with aphasia to improve or regain their communication skills. To learn more, please visit

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