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Key Results

Tom Monette

Director of Sales Prescription Management

What objective did you have in mind that led you to seek outside help and SRG specifically?

“We had heard about their services and my division had some newer, unseasoned sales reps with a mix of seasoned reps too. We needed to get the newer reps prepared for a very complex sale. And we wanted everyone to have a good foundation on which to grow their sales.”

Why did you choose SRG vs. other options?

“I had had the opportunity to participate in a SRG review for a management level course. After that, I thought it would be a good fit for our sales division. I liked their format of training – it is more focused and detailed. What I found the most appealing about SRG is how they took the time on the front-end to figure out the specific challenges that we were coming up against in the market and made recommendations on how to hone our message to resonate better with our client base.”

What kind of training did you do with SRG?

“We did entry-level sales training. I did on-site training the year before with another vendor, and it didn’t have same impact as the SRG training. SRG’s live online training fit our department very well - due to the way we are structured with a combination of inside and some outside reps. Their live online training decreased the lost man hours typically associated with off-site training and proved to be a much more cost-effective training format.”

Talk about the impact the SRG training is having on your business and how it aligns with your sales goals?

“I definitely feel like this training gave our reps more confidence, language to utilize, and stronger fact finding skills. They’re better at identifying needs and presenting the available solutions bringing value to our clients. And we exceed our annual sales goal by $1.7M in 2010 – growing 243% over 2009. While I don’t know how much of that I can attribute directly to the training, it absolutely impacted our sales growth.”


MEDTOX Scientific, Inc. is engaged throughout the United States in two distinct, but related businesses - forensic and clinical laboratory services to corporations, pharmaceutical companies and health care organizations (the Laboratory segment), and the manufacturing and distribution of diagnostic drug screening devices (the Diagnostic segment). MEDTOX Laboratories, Inc. is the Laboratory segment located in St. Paul, MN, and is the nation's third largest SAMHSA-certified drug testing laboratory. It operates an extensive CAP-accredited clinical and occupational testing laboratory. MEDTOX is a public company traded on NASDAQ under MTOX.

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