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"All our managers are using the program tools in team meetings and their one-on-ones; and they all have said how easy it is to apply the skills they learned."


Trudi Burchieri

Senior Director of Sales Training

What objective did you have in mind that led you to seek outside help and
SRG specifically?

Our goal was to increase the performance of our sales organization. As follow-up to our investment in sales training, we recognized the need to develop our sales management team. Most of our sales managers were promoted from sales positions, and we wanted to help them fully transition into their new role and responsibilities by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and tools they needed to manage, coach, and lead their teams. We selected SRG, because their High-Impact Sales Manager program was a perfect fit for the skills we were interested in developing.

Why did you choose SRG vs. other options?

We appreciated the quality and comprehensive approach of SRG’s sales management training programs. It included pre-training consultation, customization, onsite delivery, and live online reinforcement. As part of the pre-training consultation, SRG conducted a sales management skills assessment, and then mapped their training solutions to address our specific needs. The onsite training focused on the development and application of key skills, and then continued with a series of reinforcement sessions focused on best practices and the adoption of the skills through the use of tools and job aids to empower our sales managers.

What’s it like to work with SRG?

SRG is very responsive and accommodating. We were able to preview the flow and quality of their program before making a final decision which
provided us with a great deal of confidence in the SRG approach to training. SRG exceeded our expectations and was extremely responsive to our needs. Our VP of Sales was thrilled with the program facilitator who kept the group engaged the entire time. Finally, all our managers are using the program tools in team meetings and their one-on-ones; and they all have said how easy it is to apply the skills they learned.

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