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"SRG took time to custom tailor the curriculum to our industry and interviewed our staff to acquaint themselves with our market prior to the training."

Scott Ross

NCO Group, is now Expert Global Solutions, Inc. (EGS)
Senior Vice President Sales

What objective did you have in mind that led you to seek outside help and SRG specifically?

“We were looking to improve selling skills within some of our sales groups to better prepare them to sell into senior level executives including corporate CFOs. We wanted to make sure they were properly preparing for their calls, planning what they were going to say, and thinking through what they were going to accomplish. As part of this transition, we wanted to move from a transactional to a consultative selling approach - getting the prospects to tell us about their pain points and then describing how we could assist them in addressing their priorities. We felt like this training was a building block in that transition.”

Why did you choose SRG vs. other options?

“SRG’s virtual classroom tool was a huge benefit for us. We use the same Adobe Connect tool they use and our sales team was very comfortable with that learning platform. Our sales team is distributed across the country and we didn’t want to have to pull them out of the field for in-person training. Other training providers were insistent on conducting on-site training, and that didn’t work for us.”

What’s it like to work with SRG?

“SRG is great. They are very accommodating and work to make the training a success every step of the way. Prior to delivery of the program, SRG conducted a pre-training consultation and customization session and we were very pleased with the quality of instruction our team received. SRG took time to custom tailor the curriculum to our industry and interviewed our staff to acquaint themselves with our market prior to the training. This created relevancy for our team and made it easy for them to apply the new skills they were learning.”

About NCO Group

NCO Group, Inc. is a leading global provider of business process outsourcing services, primarily focused on accounts receivable management and customer relationship management. With a network of approximately 30,000 employees, supporting the global market, NCO provides services through over 100 offices throughout North America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

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