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"We were blown away by the level of enthusiasm, active participation, and overall commitment demonstrated by our attendees throughout the training sessions."

Jonathan Draves

Vice President, Corporate Development

What goal did you have in mind that led you to seek outside help?

Our executive team was impressed with the findings in SRG's report "Five Hallmarks of High-Impact Sales Organizations” and how those priorities aligned with our goal of developing a world-class sales organization. SRG’s findings helped us understand the current state of sales management teams across different organizations, identify the most important skills needed by sales managers to perform their jobs, and learn how to optimize our organization’s sales management initiatives. Based on these findings, we were able to prioritize our training goals and objectives.

Why did you choose SRG vs. other options?

We appreciated SRG’s skills-based approach to sales organization development, and the alignment between their sales and sales management training offerings. SRG took the time to understand our business, what makes us successful, and also helped us to identify key areas for improvement. As part of our work with SRG, we were able to establish sales productivity metrics as well as best practices to ensure measurable progress.

What’s it like to work with SRG?

We were blown away by the level of enthusiasm, active participation, and overall commitment demonstrated by our attendees throughout the training sessions. As a result of effectively utilizing the tools and resources provided, our teams have been given the ability to improve upon their sales management, selling, and customer support skills. We were also impressed with SRG’s commitment to post-training reinforcement and coaching to ensure the skills learned were adopted by our sales organization. Our sales training initiative was a complete success!

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"This program helped me turn a corner on my coaching. Our sales are up and my whole team is making quota!”

- Sales Manager, METAGENICS

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