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Unlock your team's full potential with SBI's Talent Mapping. Our research-backed approach will shed light on the essential shifts your sellers need to make to meet the evolving demands of buyers and drive revenue growth. To get started, schedule a complimentary consultation with an SBI GTM expert today!

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Most Sales Teams Operate at Just Half of Their Potential - Is yours one of them?

Unrecognized gap

Sales teams reach only a fraction of their potential because of an unrecognized gap in talent optimization and adaptation to current buyer behavior.

Unexplored strategies

Traditional talent assessments often miss the mark, leaving promising strategies unexplored.

Data-driven approach

SBI's Talent Map identifies these oversights and enables your team to pivot from outdated methods to a data-driven approach that aligns with your growth goals.

Pinpoint the skills your sales team needs to optimize productivity

Through a streamlined four-step process, gain a comprehensive understanding of your sales teams, products, and performance. The assessment not only gathers crucial data but also delivers targeted insights, pinpointing specific development areas for each team member to boost their sales effectiveness.

Optimize Seller Distribution

Enhance your sales force with pinpointed talent allocation strategies.

SBI Digital Talent_Performance Overview

Effective Seller Approaches

Refine your selling techniques to align with modern buyer expectations.

SBI Digital Talent_Seller Approaches

Competency Heat Map

Visualize the core competencies of your team with data-driven clarity.

SBI Digital Talent_Heat Map

Realize commercial impact in weeks not quarters or years.

SBI's Talent Map clients experience sales productivity lifts of 5% to 25% in weeks.

To get started, schedule a complimentary consultation with an SBI GTM expert today.