Advisory Board Learnings From Global Sales Leaders

Scott Gruher, Senior Partner and Revenue Practice Lead, shares insights from SBI's latest Sales Leader Advisory Board meeting...

At SBI’s most recent Sales Advisory Board meeting, market leaders from a variety of industries came together in a virtual environment to discuss topics that are top of mind for sales executives:

  • The Ascent of Sales Leaders to CEO Positions
  • Executing a Back-to-Base Strategy
  • Digital Selling in 2021

On today's show, Scott Gruher, Senior Partner and Revenue Practice Lead, joins us to share insights from the meeting that sales leaders can begin implementing immediately.

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Sales Leader Advisory Board Insights

  1. Research summary on CEO background. minute 1:58
  2. Applicable sales experience in the CEO role. minute 4:04
  3. Key learnings for going back to the base in 2021. minute 5:55
  4. Using data for account planning in a digital world. minute 8:27
  5. Keeping your customer journey relevant to the buyer minute 12:24

Skip to minute 10:25 to hear how these CROs are navigating virtual selling in 2021 and beyond:

"The reality is even if field selling does come back, everything's changed. And when you think vertically between field versus inside sales, that's one little piece of virtual selling, but you need to think around all the customer touchpoints and how they want to be served and how it's changed as the buyer behaviors change in the last few months, which it has drastically… The reality is you need to think horizontally because all of that has changed whether we go back to field sales or not."