Advisory Board Learnings From Growth-Minded Commercial Leaders

Scott Gruher, Senior Partner and Revenue Practice Lead, shares insights from SBI's spring President and Chief Commercial Advisory Board meeting...

SBI recently held its Spring Growth Advisory Board meeting where less than a dozen market-leading Presidents and Chief Commercial Officers gathered to discuss the most pressing challenges in today’s environment. During the afternoon, the attendees shared best practices on the following topics:

  • The Ascent to Chief Executive Officer
  • The Evolution of Commercial Effectiveness
  • The Workplace of the Future

On today’s show, Scott Gruher, Senior Partner and Revenue Practice Lead, shares key insights from the meeting that executives can begin implementing immediately.

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President Advisory Board Spring Insights

  1. CRO vs. CCO. minute 1:07
  2. The evolution from CCO to CEO. minute 3:12
  3. What to prioritize in the remainder of 2021 in your organization. minute 6:37
  4. Reallocating resources to better serve customers. minute 9:46
  5. The workplace of the future, according to commercial leaders. minute 12:01

Skip to minute 7:53 to hear Scott discuss how the commercial model has evolved:

"You need a really good revenue growth strategy, and how you're clearly going to allocate resources against the corporate strategy and bring each one of those commercial levers to life. And the group stopped us pretty quickly and said, 'First, you have to have a clear corporate strategy.' We go to companies all the time that have what they call a corporate strategy, and it's not that there isn't one at all, just it's not at a granular level where it's actionable... it doesn't really feed into the revenue growth strategy and then cascade into the revenue growth execution plan. And when that happens, you have clarity at the top."

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