What's the Best Sales Training Delivery Method?

18 Aug 14

Learn about the advantages and limitations of 3 sales training delivery methods to design a program that can achieve your goals, and fit your budget

There is an ongoing, evolving debate about the best way to deliver sales training programs.  At the center of this debate is the ongoing tension among traditional instructor-led classroom training (ILT), virtual instructor-led training (VILT), and self-paced eLearning (eLearning).

The truth of the matter is that all three of these delivery methods can be effective ways to help training participants understand, apply, and adopt new selling skills. The real key is in designing a program that has clear objectives, executive sponsorship, relevancy, and sustainability.

It is also important to understand the advantages and limitations of each delivery method so that you can design a program the can achieve your goals, and fit within your budget. To learn more download our whitepaper on this topic.


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