CEO Advisory Board Insights to Navigate the Second Half

Scott Gruher, Senior Partner and Revenue Practice Lead, shares insights from SBI's spring CEO Advisory Board meeting...

SBI recently held its Spring CEO Advisory Meeting to connect with less than a dozen market leaders on current challenges and to share best practices. This influential peer group shared key insights into the following topics:

  • Organizational Clarity Around Customer Experience
  • The CEO’s Role in Determining the Go-to-Market Model
  • Talent to Drive the GTM Model at Scale

On today's show, Scott Gruher, Senior Partner and Revenue Practice Lead, joins us to discuss these items and share takeaways from the meeting.

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CEO Advisory Board Spring Insights

  1. How Market-Leading CEOs think about value creation. minute 1:55
  2. Recognizing different talent from your stage in the life cycle. minute 3:15
  3. Creating clarity in customer experience. minute 5:25
  4. Current talent trends and demands. minute 9:01
  5. Going back to work. minute 10:25

Skip to minute 6:51 to hear Scott share why CEOs should prioritize retention and customer success:

"You need to put as much rigor behind the customer success organization, the leader you hire, the processes, the coverage model as you do around sales. And for some reason, people look at customer success as more simple…There has to be a super tight interlock between CS and sales for things like referring cross-sell opportunities back, and what we're seeing is people are not putting the same rigor into the model."