How 3 Market-Leading Women Inspire Change

On today's show, we celebrate Women's History Month with a panel of 3 leading women in revenue.

On today's special edition of the Revenue Growth Help Desk, we celebrate Women's History Month and are joined by three inspiring women leading the charge in revenue growth: Debra Walton, Chief Revenue Officer, Data & Analytics, London Stock Exchange Group, Pilar Schenk, VP of Sales Strategy and Operations at McAfee, and Tracy Hansen, CMO at Chief Outsiders and President of ProGlove Inc., NA.

In this show, our esteemed panel shares their respective journeys that led them to their current positions and the active role they play in fighting against gender bias and inequities today.

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Celebrating Women's History Month

  1. Inspiration and determination behind current leadership roles. minute 2:43
  2. Encountering gender bias and inequities along career paths. minute 8:33
  3. How companies can embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into their strategy to benefit all employees. minute 19:40

“I encourage people to go chart their own course if that's the path they want to take and create the environment that is equal, that does eliminate gender bias. It's just so critical that we don't let it happen. We don't passively sit by when we see it as leaders, as people who have the ability to persuade and to shine a light on it. We need to. We need to be able to do that so that the women behind us, the group behind us, gets the benefit of what we experienced and the ways that we fought it.”