How a CMO Acquires Customers For Life

19 Jul 20

In his last segment, Ryan Hollenbeck, CMO at Verint, joins us to discuss how to navigate your buyer's emotional narratives.

Iconic customer programs generate fierce loyalty and accelerate revenue growth.  CX professionals also realize that a poor customer experience goes far beyond just a negative review – it places future deals at risk.

On today's show, Ryan Hollenbeck, CMO at Verint, joins us to share how to motivate your teams to understand the buyer's emotional experience and how a customized response playbook can help develop customers for life.

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Navigating Your Buyers Emotional Narratives

  1. Managing negative customer experiences. minute 5:25
  2. How the salesperson has evolved to drive an unmatched CX. minute 8:08

"Of course, we're all worried about what are you going to do now and in this quarter, but you also want to set yourself up not just to make quota but be in a club. In order to do that, that's going to require some forward-thinking… then when it comes time to talk about selling the whole portfolio or getting more value from the Verint solutions, you're going to be so much better positioned."


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