How CEOs Can Win the Battle for Talent

1 Apr 22

SBI Research has shown that The Great Resignation is here to stay for longer than many CEOs anticipated, leading many to question how and where they can be most effective to solve for commercial talent challenges.

John Wilson, founding CEO of Wilson HCG, a global talent solutions leader, has a coveted front row seat for The Great Resignation and shifting commercial talent needs. John shares the macro trends he is seeing in the market and the CEO’s role in positioning the organization to be the “employer of choice”.

  • The CEO’s role in solving commercial talent challenges? 7:07
  • Approaching the employee pipeline with the same rigor and tenacity as the sales pipeline 12:05
  • How CEOs can identify trends in hiring and addressing weaknesses in the organization 14:26

Listening to employees is key for authenticity in defining the culture and developing the employee value proposition. “Instead of having a marketing firm tell you who you are, survey your people, find out what is happening and what drives them, makes them stay. I do think that we need to start treating employees more like clients as employers…then you have opportunity for improvement.”


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