How Leading Finance Executives Drive Transformative Growth

Jim Ettamarna, SBI Managing Director, and John Staples, Senior Partner, share insights from SBI's spring Chief Financial Officer Forum...

SBI recently held its first Chief Financial Officer Growth Forum to bring together like-minded finance executives to discuss common challenges and share best practices with their peers. These growth-focused CFOs gathered in an intimate virtual setting to discuss the following topics:

  • The Ascent From CFO to CEO
  • The Digital Selling Landscape
  • Driving Accountability Through Visibility
  • And More

On today’s show, Jim Ettamarna, SBI Managing Director, joins John Staples, SBI Senior Partner, to share key learnings from the meeting.

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CFO Spring Forum Insights

  1. SBI's CFO Growth Forum. minute 1:11
  2. The Ascent From CFO to CEO. minute 2:43
  3. Driving Efficacy and Efficiency Through Digital and Virtual Selling. minute 4:37
  4. CAC and Achieving a Higher Yield From the Sales Team. minute 7:51
  5. Metrics for Your Customer Success Strategy. minute 13:54

Skip to minute 10:22 to hear Jim discuss how CFOs can drive behavioral change through the right metrics:

"Making the number comes down to having your commercial team execute the right behaviors. That's where you get the input metrics. Did you make your outbound emails? Did you do your prospecting, and not just did you do it, but how much of it did you do? So having the right set of input metrics and the scoreboards around that and benchmarks is so critical. It sounds basic, but sometimes you can gloss over the basic stuff and miss a lot of value and impact."