Navigating the Sales Headcount Gap

22 Jun 22

Retention is quickly becoming the new form of productivity, and keeping your best commercial talent is key.

Companies cannot afford to lose top commercial talent. To remain on an upwards growth trajectory, they have to be prescriptive in how they align the commercial talent hiring and retention strategy to both short and long-term growth levers. They need to think about the talent retention strategy as they would customer retention, removing obstacles and creating a frictionless experience to drive productivity, desire for top sellers to join their teams, and loyalty for top sellers in their current seats.

Companies experiencing success are focused on the existing productivity of the current team. They understand that they cannot keep up with the hamster wheel of open headcount issues. Instead, companies are investing in technology to drive efficiency, providing effective enablement collateral, creating a catalog of ready-to-go, stage-appropriate content, and ultimately improving customer interactions that reduce the sales cycle length, and improve ASP and closure rates.

For those experiencing high turnover, their organizations are taxed with finding solutions with internal and external resources. SBI Partners John Staples, Kristel Kurtz, and Tony Erickson recently presented a webinar discussing the following questions:

  • What growth levers to activate for near term and long term growth?
  • When to invest in your current team or outsource to a third party?
  • What it means to pay a premium for new talent in today’s marketplace?

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