SBI's CEO Celebrates Black History Month and DEI

28 Feb 21

On today's show, Matt Sharrers shares how his unique upbringing has contributed to SBI’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy.

At SBI we strive for all of us to reach our full potential by being diverse by nature, equitable by design, and inclusive by choice. Our curiosity to understand, value, and celebrate our unique strengths will improve outcomes for our people and our clients. This is an unwavering belief that guides how we build teams, cultivate leaders, and work with others. DEI, like revenue growth, is an all-the-time thing, not a sometimes thing.

On today's show, we celebrate Black History Month and discuss DEI strategy with SBI's CEO, Matt Sharrers. On today's show, Matt:

  • Recounts his childhood and upbringing in a mixed-race family and how those experiences helped shape his perspective and community. minute 6:23
  • Talks about Black History Month, the Black Lives Matter movement, and their impact on Matt as a father, leader, and CEO. minute 8:15
  • Shares SBI's DEI efforts and how B2B companies benefit from investing time and resources in DEI initiatives. minute 10:50

Click here for the full podcast version of this interview.

"It makes me proud of our team that it was done naturally, and it's in the flow. It's not a special committee locked in a room; it's in the flow. We speak about it naturally, and it's not myself or our Chief People Officer standing on a soapbox saying we have to do this to check a box because the Board said it. We're doing it because we are passionate about diverse opinions and points of view, equity across every role regardless of background, and the big one for me is about inclusion. How you make people feel and being aware of some of these micro-biases you didn't even know you had."


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