SBI Elevates Commercial Excellence with Expanded Commercial Productivity Practice

12 Sep 23

SBI introduces sales talent tools and capabilities for CROs to improve their commercial productivity by supercharging seller performance and boosting sales team efficiency.

Dallas, TX, September 12, 2023 – SBI, the Go-to-Market Growth Advisory, is pleased to announce the expansion of its commercial productivity practices with new technology-driven self-assessment tools: the Talent Assessment and Time Study and customized sales training.

The latest SBI research data indicates a noticeable shift in buyer behavior in recent quarters, resulting in smaller deal sizes that take longer to close. In addition, CROs are looking to the data to evaluate sales productivity for baselining, adopting a new GTM approach, adjusting to the everchanging buyer landscape, or due to margin protection. SBI’s expansion of its commercial productivity practices reflects the firm’s commitment to assisting CEOs and CROs in understanding their commercial organizations so they can drive improvement in performance and efficiency.

Nick Toman, Chief Strategy and Product Officer at SBI, and architect of the Challenger Sale franchise and co-author of the Challenger Customer, said, “We saw the dial shift in our CEO surveys from 2022 into 2023—from growth as the key imperative to EBITDA and the margin protection game put into motion. And now CEOs are saying they are recommitted to growth and investing in the business but want to be thoughtful about all growth levers.”

SBI’s latest research on the relationship between seller behaviors and sales velocity, which Toman co-authored, identified four sales approaches from surveying over 300 sellers across a range of industries. Analysis uncovered two sales approaches that lead to increased deal size and speed deal velocity. The data further suggests that many sellers, and their managers, have yet to adapt to the type of sales approach that performs the best in current market trends. “Our latest research has identified the sales approaches that drive deal velocity by up to 12% and larger deal sizes by up to 16%.”

To assist CROs in optimizing sales talent productivity and give CEOs confidence in their strategic direction, SBI developed a series of tools to measure the efficacy of their sales team’s behaviors, skills, approaches, and time spent – including the proclivity of the four identified sales approaches. Benchmarked against best practices and SBI’s GTM IP, leaders are guided by an SBI growth advisor to make the best decisions on hiring, promotion, training, overall organizational structure, and personalized coaching.

One of many successful users of these commercial productivity tools, Karen Mattice, Director of Global Sales Enablement at Nearmap, said, “Our organization saw opportunities to drive commercial productivity across our GTM teams worldwide. The talent assessment provided by SBI gave me the information I needed to identify and develop top sales performers. And beyond that, I learned how each team member works, what motivates them, and why they work the way that they do. It has made coaching and development more effective.”

The digital Talent Assessment and Time Study are now available to all SBI Pro subscribers and qualified organizations. Read the latest research report, Delivering Sales Velocity in Today’s Market, or learn more about the assessments and SBI Pro on the SBI Pro website.

About SBI

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