Logistics Customer Success Case Study

Improved CX Strategy Increases EBITDA by 50%





A SaaS cloud logistics provider was realizing only 50% of projected revenue per client due to slow adoption. The company wanted to increase wallet share on roll-outs to bring revenue in line with the identified bookings potential.

SBI’s analysis showed the company was under-investing resources in their larger accounts. Customer value (and company revenue) was driven by increased consumption, but the company’s customer success model was not aligned to this reality. SBI saw the following opportunities:

  • Poorly-defined customer segmentation and lack of coverage
  • Misaligned compensation structure that valued new logos over customer success

Deployed a new customer segmentation model ensuring coverage

  • Increased mapping from 10% to 100% of accounts
  • Deployed coverage model investing additional resources in high value accounts

Aligned compensation to company objectives

  • Removed account executive earnings caps
  • Increased variable compensation weighting
  • Deployed compensation plan for CSMs to reward revenue realization and incentivize account expansion

Optimized sales process

  • Implemented a sales process with defined exit criteria
  • Refreshed 4 personas to improve buyer engagement through the entire customer lifecycle

By aligning priorities to the highest potential accounts, deploying a comprehensive customer success strategy, and introducing a new compensation model, the company saw an overall increase of 10% in employee productivity and a 50% increase in EBITDA over 2 years as bookings and revenue aligned.

Key Outcomes


Increase in employee productivity


Increase in EBITDA over 2 years