Sales Manager Tips To Improve Rep Performance Feedback

19 Dec 22

Being a manager means providing constructive insights. Use these sales manager tips to improve how you give your reps feedback to improve performance.

Providing regular, constructive feedback to sales representatives on their performance is an important part of their development, and long-term success, and an essential part of your role as a sales manager. Performance-related feedback is inextricably linked to sales coaching, but can also be given “in the moment” and informally.

For many sales managers, giving feedback is a source of anxiety.  How do you provide constructive feedback to a sales representative without making the conversation contentious?

Here are a few key steps to follow when giving job performance feedback to sales representatives:

  • Focus on Specific Behaviors or Actions: Instead of making general statements about an individual's performance, focus on the particular behaviors or events you observed. This will help the sales representative to understand what they did well or what they could improve upon.

  • Use Actual Examples: Whenever possible, use specific examples to illustrate your points. For example, if you're providing feedback on a sales representative's ability to handle objections, provide a specific example of a situation where they did a good job or where they could have handled the situation better.

  • Be Timely: It's important to provide feedback to sales representatives as soon as possible after the situation in question occurs. This will help them to remember the details and make it easier for them to understand and learn from the feedback.

  • Be Objective and Non-Judgmental: Avoid making accusations or placing blame when giving feedback. Instead, focus on the objective facts and observations that you have made. This will help keep the conversation focused on the specific behaviors or actions in question rather than getting sidetracked by personal opinions or emotions. 

  • Focus on the Future: Rather than dwelling on the past, focus on providing feedback that will help the sales representative improve and grow. Offer specific suggestions and strategies for how they can improve, and encourage them to come up with their own ideas and solutions as well.

As a sales manager, you have an ongoing responsibility to provide each member of your team with regular, constructive feedback to sales representatives, which is integral to their development and success. By being specific, timely, objective, and focused on the future, you can help them to improve their performance and achieve better results for your team.
Positive performance feedback provides growth opportunities as well as sales coaching challenges. Take your sales coaching to the next level with these additional insights on How to Overcome Resistance to CoachingWhen to Rescue a Sales Call, and our whitepaper on Sales Coaching for Improved Performance

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