CEOs are not salespeople. Or are they?

8 Jun 23

The most successful sales organizations are driven from the top down. And that includes CEOs, especially during critical growth periods.

Sales is a highly disciplined skill. And not everyone in business has it. 

But many of the world’s most successful CEOs – the ones who have driven growth exponentially – do. 

In fact, many of them started in sales. As a result, it gives them a unique perspective on customer needs and how to solve them. 

In his latest article for Forbes, SBI CEO Mike Hoffman says that when you’re the CEO and are out front and interacting with your customers, you can play a vital role in driving successful business growth for your company. 

That’s not to say you should be running with the ball all the time. You need a talented, motivated, well-connected sales team members who you can rely on to make all the best plays. And you need a solid head of sales to lead them.   

But it never hurts to be on the field. Mike has identified five effective ways to help ensure that as a CEO, you’re a visible presence in the game when needed. Read the full article, Embracing the CEO’s Unofficial Role as Sales Quarterback now.  



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