Don’t let your sales strategy flame out. Re-ignite it.

18 May 23

Our latest webinar, co-hosted with HG Insights, dove right into how to use metrics to drive real sales performance

Data. Data. Data.

It’s all about the data. It always has been.

In yesterday’s webinar, Matt Hogan, VP, Growth Marketing at HG Insights and Adam Sheehan, Growth Advisor at SBI joined forces to talk about how sales leaders can hit revenue target more accurately using data-driven insights.

It was timely advice, because this year, many companies came out of Q1 knowing they need to rethink their revenue targets—pronto. Problem is, not many know where to start.

“This point in time is unique,” says Adam. “Over the past year or six months or so, there’s definitely been a shift in how our clients are thinking about their business and the objectives their boards and the street are giving them. It is all about driving growth.”

The name of the webinar said it all: From Insights to Action: How to Reignite Your Sales Strategy Using Q1 Metrics. The path ahead lies in performance data – it’s from there that you’ll find the direction to hit the right opportunities, focus your resources and drive sales further.

Throughout the session, Matt and Adam talked about the many ways sales leaders can make serious gains in sales productivity, including how to develop a winning account segmentation strategy, dovetail top-performing sales talent with top accounts, determine what a customer’s ability to spend is within a specific timeframe, and ensure your segmentation strategy is optimized for future successes.

“In the past, companies were more focused on some newer growth bets, or new ways to drive revenue into the business,” Adam said. “And while that’s still important from a long-term, go-to-market strategy, there’s been more and more of a shift, emphasis and focus on what we call ‘Horizon One’. That’s your near-term growth objective, which is over the next six months to a year. So the idea is to focus on where you perform really well and doubling down in those areas.”

Using the SBI Value Creation Compass, Adam explained the four different approaches companies can take to meet their objectives. The compass is centered on two essential questions: ‘What are our growth expectations?’ and ‘What is our level of investment?” Is one increasing and the other decreasing? Are both increasing? Or are both decreasing?

Having the data that answers these questions will provide the insights to help re-ignite the right sales strategy – a critical fact base that includes metrics on the productivity of the sales team, acquisition costs relative to lifetime spend, return on marketing spend, and more. It all contributes to a deeper understanding of what you can do differently to drive growth.

“Whether you’re in sales, RevOps, sales enablement, or you’re an executive, the first thing you’ve got to do is understand where you are on this compass,” said Matt. “From there, you can understand your data and start making an impact.”

The webinar now streaming, but only for a limited time. You can view and share the video recording here.


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