Growth Strategy

How a CEO Accelerates Growth in Less Time

Former commercial leader turned CEO shares insights on how to accelerate growth in less time while managing expectations from sponsors and the board.

Private equity-backed companies are served with high expectations for accelerated growth.  CEOs are operating in months, not years, and are challenged with generating revenue faster and in a variety of forms.  

On today's show, Sid Nair, a commercial leader turned CEO with experience in large-scale transformations in public companies to smaller private equity portfolio companies, helps shed light on what it takes to accelerate growth in less time.  


  • Driving a Cross-Functional Growth Mindset 02:19
  • The Balance Scorecard – Metrics Aligned to the Growth Agenda 04:26
  • Having the Right Market Growth Transformation Programs in Place – People, Processes, Technology 12:54

“How do you have the right transformation programs in place? For example, cost transformation. We don't talk about it too much, because then people in the company get freaked out about doing cost-cutting. No, we're not doing cost-cutting.  We're doing cost management to make sure we can get some savings so we can invest in new products and new markets or, or hiring more people.”