Customer Experience

How a Sales and Marketing Leader Deploys AI for an Exceptional Customer Experience

John deLorimier, EVP at Concentra, shares how the role of AI and automation can optimize the customer experience.

In a virtual world, Customer Experience has definitively been at the forefront of the digital revolution. How has your company adapted to the new demands of the market? Many have been turning to AI and automation for an optimized experience.

On today's show, John deLorimier, EVP at Concentra, joins us to discuss the role of AI in the customer experience. John shares how automation may be the competitive edge your team needs in order to bring more value to the customer journey and deliver on the brand promise.


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How AI and Automation Can Optimize Customer Experience

  1. The role of automated intelligence in the customer experience. minute 4:58
  2. Equipping and educating your sellers through AI. minute 8:56
  3. Is AI a threat to B2B selling? minute 11:21

"AI can be doing things to make the value proposition, enhance the brand promise through the brand experience, better. From a medical standpoint, if you can start using AI to do predictive analytics on outcomes… we can now do some AI and say, 'This is the best course of action for you.' And now that absolutely makes an unbelievable brand experience. But the brand promise that my salespeople can go out and say, 'This is how we do it.' Now my value propositions off the charts because of using it that."