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Brand Promise vs. Brand Experience: How to Deliver a Frictionless Customer Journey

John deLorimier, EVP at Concentra, discusses how a defined brand promise can deliver an unparalleled brand experience for your customers.

Brand Experience and Brand Promise often get grouped into one category when considering how buyers interact with your company, when in fact, the two are separate elements that need to be working in tandem for a frictionless and memorable customer experience.

In his second segment, John deLorimier, EVP at Concentra, joins us to share how sales and marketing leaders should be thinking about the customer journey. John provides valuable insights for not only how to activate the sales team to deliver the brand promise, but how marketing can be more involved in how buyers engage with your company.

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Delivering on the Brand Promise for an Unrivaled Experience

  1. The difference between the Brand Promise and the Brand Experience. minute 5:14
  2. Connecting sales to the buyer's perception of the brand. minute 7:34

"That brand promise and brand experience it’s certainly important to go out and present from a selling standpoint what your brand promise is, your value proposition… From a marketing or sales marketing and digital experience, those things have to work closer together and make sure that people can engage with your business the way that they want to engage."


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