Private Equity and Enterprise Businesses Tap SBI for Growth Advisory Services

19 Oct 21

Growth Accelerator Delivers Top-Line Results and Market Valuation More Efficiently and Cost Effectively.

Dallas, TX, October 19, 2021 – SBI, a go-to-market growth advisory, today announced Growth Accelerator, an innovative solution for supporting growth needs with a subscription-based data and insights platform. This approach of delivering advisory services on a continuous basis is a major shift and will transform traditional consulting while empowering companies to grow rapidly and sustainably.

“Organic growth is the #1 driver of value creation for our clients,” says SBI’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Hoffman. “By leveraging a proprietary model, SBI identifies which execution areas must be bolstered to hit growth targets. Delivering the right data, better insights, and tactical planning, we execute a strategic approach that selectively identifies and implements the most effective action to more efficiently drive growth.”

SBI applies real-world insight to deliver growth capabilities and paths for innovators to increase revenue, profit, and enterprise value. According to Achi Yaffe, Managing Director of Portfolio Operations at the PE firm GI Partners in San Francisco, “With SBI, we’re sitting across the table from people who have done it, and they tell us things that we can start doing differently tomorrow to make improvements. Many of our portfolio companies are showing better performance after working with SBI."

Over the last 15 years, SBI has perfected the ability to measure, configure, and deliver growth initiatives. Embedded in the company’s proprietary platform, with the new subscription model, clients now have ongoing access to operational excellence. “SBI are practicing professionals and come from operating jobs. When we ask a question, we get a best-practice response...which can then be applied,” added Manuel Guzman, President of CAS, a commercial division of the American Chemical Society.

“Growth is an all-the-time process, the continuity of our objective advisor approach produces better outcomes for clients. Too often businesses turn to consultants in emergency situations. A one-of-a-kind “on tap” subscription service, The SBI Growth Accelerator™ is the first offering to provide clients the necessary continuity to drive proactive, reliable growth,” continued Hoffman.

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About SBI

SBI is a Go-to-Market Growth Advisory formerly, Sales Benchmark Index offers collaborative consulting, go-to-market benchmarks and data, and advisory services forged from serving as strategic implementers who have owned and operated marketing and sales at some of the world’s most successful growth companies. We take clients from the right data and insights to actions for impact, quickly, to deliver measurable results in top-line growth. Working as an extension of clients’ teams, SBI offers relatable, practical strategies that work right away and ongoing. Our work is based on an intimate understanding of the buyer-seller journey, which enables us to help clients actively apply relevant data, strategies, and tactics for significant outcomes. Visit to learn more.


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