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  • Jul 8

    Modern Prospecting


    Virtual Instructor-Led Training

  • Sep 10

    Navigating the Profitability Paradox

    Sales Management

    Instructor-Led Training

Embark on previous workshops

Modern Prospecting Public

  • Delivery: Virtual Instructor-Led Training
  • 11 Mar 24
  • Sessions: 4

Utilize proven prospecting strategies and skills across multiple channels.

Accelerating Sales Velocity in 2024

  • Delivery: Virtual Instructor-Led Training
  • 18 Jan 24
  • Sessions: 3

Infuse your team with a robust selling framework, essential skills, and dynamic tools that prioritize a pull-based approach that aligns with your customer's needs.

Comprehensive Selling Skills

  • Delivery: Digital Blend / Collaborative Learning
  • 22 Oct 22
  • Sessions: 7

Learn how to apply the appropriate selling skills and techniques to advance customers through their purchase process.

Develop and Achieve Your Sales Vision

  • Delivery: Virtual Instructor-Led Training
  • 18 May 22
  • Sessions: 3

Learn how to go beyond management to implement their sales vision and motivate their team.