Software Go-to-Market Case Study

Go-to-Market Gains for Education Software Company





This PE backed portfolio company wanted to accelerate their growth trajectory to hit their 5 year plan in 3 years. This meant doubling bookings over a 3 year run rate, but total bookings had fallen off pace with a record Q4 ‘16 required to stay flat. This company recognized that a strong product launch process across product, marketing, and sales was absent. As a result, it was missing massive growth opportunities from launching new products.

This company brought in SBI to conduct a comprehensive Go-to-Market (GTM), revenue growth assessment, which identified four areas of growth potential:

  • Soft North American Market, suggesting International potential
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction, References and buying recency
  • Improved timing/quality of new product launches
  • Optimized sales and marketing execution

Following the recommendations above, SBI helped the company start their journey of seizing these opportunities. With a strong understanding of the company, SBI sought to drive alignment across the functional groups of product, marketing and sales. Strategic planning and alignment focused on:

  • Product - Enhancing the market feedback loop, executing the new launch process while gaining exposure to new markets. A new product launch process roadmap was designed.
  • Marketing - Engagement, customer success and partner marketing targeting new product launch execution.
  • Sales - Sales execution and organizational design to optimize training, enablement, accountability and forecasting. The new organizational design reflected the buyer’s journey.
  • Customer Success - Improving NPS within the customer base to set the stage for future subscription business through a new customer success organization driven by key metrics.

The GTM approach sought to launch new products into a captive audience of customers with anticipated high win rates. SBI helped customize their growth by building an emerging best practices implementation plan to apply across the organizational changes and improved forecast accuracy.